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Reasons You Should Use A Wine Cooler

by LZH 10 May 2022 0 Comments

Every wine lover knows that once you uncork your favorite wine bottle, there’s a fast countdown that starts until that wine is no longer drinkable. The average lifespan of a wine bottle is about 3 to 5 days, with even less time for sparkling wine bottles.

This has been a huge inconvenience for wine lovers that wish to buy wine in bulk, for instance, wine club members, but also want to enjoy their wide selection of wine at their leisure. Now that several families do not have the option of inviting guests over, decanting their wine bottles, and sipping a chosen varietal combined, the wine consumer has to store most of their favorite wine collection.

It is depending on the supply you’ve now or want to have, a wine cooler might the answer to your dilemma. A wine cooler is an appliance that cools the temperature of a wine bottle to around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that if you are planning on making some sangria or other delicious fruity cocktails, it is ideal for storing your ingredients and keeping them chilled!

Wine coolers such as the YEEGO 24-inch wine cooler also come in handy when hosting picnics, parties or just spending time with family and friends. This’ll keep your wine nice and cold so you can enjoy each and every sip without worrying about burning your mouth.

It’ll keep your Wine Cool

Wine is best stored at a certain temperature. If you store your favorite wine at a temperature that is too warm, then you risk your wine bottle aging poorly. High temperature can also reason your wine bottle to develop a cooked flavor, which comes with unpleasant aromas and flavors.

Though, if your wine bottle is kept in very cold conditions, then your wine is at a big risk of freezing. If your wine breezes, it might lose its authentic flavors. The wine cord could also freeze and push out, exposing the wine to oxygen – which is quick to ruin your wine.

YEEGO 24-inch wine cooler store your wine at the right temperature wine is best stored at 11ºC to 15ºC, and it is the ideal choice to keep your wine fresh and cold. The main feature of the wine cooler is to keep your wine cool.

It’ll protect your wine from sunlight

Sunlight – particularly the ultraviolet rays in sunlight – can be extremely harmful to your wine collection, but the great news is that a wine cooler can protect your wine from these harmful rays. Sunlight can have a negative impact on the aromas, flavors, and appearance of your wine.

When your wine is exposed to sunlight, it’ll age quicker due to extreme chemical reactions within the body of the wine. You might think wine coolers available with glass doors would not do a great job of protecting your wine from sunlight, but this is not the case – as glass doors used in the YEEGO 24-inch wine cooler are UV treated to prevent any UV damage from being done to your wine collection.

It’ll maintain humidity levels

Humidity is a crucial wine storage factor, which is why YEEGO 24-inch wine cooler and all the wine coolers will regulate the interior humidity levels. Your wine should be kept at humidity levels between 55 percent and 75 percent to protect both the wine and bottle it and it can provide the right conditions for your wine to thrive and age in an ideal way.

If you store your wine collection in an environment that’s too humid, then the labels can peel off the bottle, reducing the value. Humidity is also a breeding ground for mold, so it is good to store your wine in a wine cooler to regulate the humidity levels.

Though, a little humidity is required for your wine bottle to make sure that the cork remains where it should. If the cork dries out, it might slip out of place and expose your wine collection to oxygen, which is any wine lover’s nightmare.  Oxidation can cause the wine’s flavor profiles to deteriorate and flatten, leaving you tasting bland and generally unpleasant.

YEEGO 24 inch wine cooler is so versatile

Did you know that you do not have to just store your wine collection in a cooler? If you’ve space in your wine cooler, you can store several things there. From cheeses to tobacco items, the YEEGO 24-inch wine cooler can provide the ideal environment for numerous things.

Storing medication and skincare items in your regular refrigerator can outcome in them smelling like the products in your refrigerator – and no one wants an onion-scented face mask.

Wine coolers like the YEEGO 24-inch wine cooler are also versatile in the sense that you can place them pretty much anyplace. Freed standing wine cooler provides you the most freedom in placement as they stand freely. However, be certain to leave some room around the unit and at least 12” above the unit to let the optimal airflow.

YEEGO 24 inch wine cooler looks great in your Home

One of the finest things about it is that they’re a wonderful way to display your wine. Some wine coolers have come with display shelves that let you proudly display your favorite, oldest and expensive wines. Wine coolers like the YEEGO 24-inch Wine cooler come with glass doors, so you can see your collection without even opening the door.

You can find a huge collection of wine coolers at to match your interior, no matter the color scheme. Fully integrated wine coolers provide a seamless look in your bar, office, or kitchen as they are made to be integrated into your cabinets.

Owning a wine cooler is a big statement that you care about your wine quality. Whether you pick a freestanding wine cooler as a statement piece that matches the interior of your home or kitchen, a fine-quality wine cooler is sure to add a splash of style to your space.

You can find the perfect wine coolers for your collection – if you’ve a smaller wine collection or just want a wine cooler to serve your wine bottles, and then you can buy a wine cooler that stores a few wine bottles. However, if you’ve a good wine collection, then you simply find a YEEGO 24-inch wine cooler that stores 46 bottles.

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